August 13th, 2010

Exhibition in Erfurt, Germany

Dear Mr. Gravlejs,

as Silke Opitz yet has written you, the managing board of the Erfurter Kunstverein e.V. has much concerns about your changed title of the exhibition and your choice of pictures for the invitation card and the folder which will accompany the exhibition. To say it frankly: We can not accept your change of title and your choice of the main pictures for the invitation card (“Kunden Toiletten”) and the folder (young boy displaying his genitals). Of course artists should have the possibility to provoke the audience, but we (the members of the managing board of the Erfurter Kunstverein) have a responsibility for our relationships to the audience here in Erfurt and Thuringia as well as to our supporters, from which we receive funding for our exhibition program. And we guess: both, supporters and audience, will respond to your provocation in a manner that we would not like. Maybe this is part of your artist strategy and you insist of your freedom to do so – than we will get a serious problem with each other. Maybe you have not recognized the negative impact of your recent decisions, so we will find solutions which go along a bit with your intentions as well as with ours. It’s our intention to invite and lead the audience to the various art concepts and artworks we like to offer them with the exhibitions of the Erfurter Kunstverein. And you can be sure, it’s not easy to achieve this goal in a society that usually is not interested in contemporary art.

I am authorized to submit to you the following proposal: We keep the title of the exhibition as it was planned (and as we have communicated it since Silke Opitz has offered it to us). You will find, in accordance to us and to Silke Opitz, other pictures for the invitation card and the cover of the folder. Please accept that an invitation card really has to invite the addressed audience, not to annoy them. For instance you worked with the self portrait hanging on a taxi-sign during the first steps of preparing the show. Why you would not use it now?

Silke Opitz sent me a pdf “Ivars_inside_collected”. From this layout we would accept the page 2 for the folder – and we hope you can accept it too.

Otherwise – if we would not find any agreement in the question of the printed matters until August 20th (when the invitation card has to send to the printer), we have to face the consequences: at least the cancellation of the exhibition in Erfurt.

But we would like to work with you and with Silke Opitz for this exhibition, despite the difficult financial circumstances. And in your exhibition you can offer a lot of the provocative concepts and material you generated during the recent years. The only what I have to demand: Please accept our responsibility for our audience and our supporters. If this is the case, we will find solutions which will satisfy both you and us.

Please contact Silke Opitz or us as fast as possible to tell us how you think about our concerns and our wishes for change.

With kind regards,

Kai Uwe Schierz