Ivars Gravlejs (latvian_animal) wrote,
Ivars Gravlejs

Screenshots from czech daily newspaper DENIK - ALL 2015

In 2009 I was working as a photojournalist in czech daily newspaper DENIK and I did manipulations with photos. Colleges from newspaper got to know about it and were pissed off. In year 2015 one of the fictive images has been published in the same newspaper for 18 times. We live in A BIG media crisis.

Published 7.4.2015

Published 7.4.2015

Published 14.4.2015

Published 1.5.2015

Published 19.5.2015

Published 20.5.2015

Published 4.6.2015

Published 7.6.2015

Published 8.6.2015

Published 25.6.2015

Published 3.7.2015

Published 6.8.2015

Published 6.8.2015

Published 20.8.2015

Published 21.8.2015

Published 27.8.2015

Published 10.9.2015

Published 2.12.2015

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