Ivars Gravlejs (latvian_animal) wrote,
Ivars Gravlejs

Exhibition "POP" at Berlin Model, Prague,2014

POP is like a bubble gum blowing up in the face of the values of public, a single grain of corn found on the ground, puffed with air and dusted with sugar, so it can find its way to the consumer.

Exhibition is a bitter irony towards contemporary art and human ability to enhance reality.
Large projection of an image of a disco ball at the centre of exhibition, along with the repeated word "Akce*", on the top of the posters advertising discounted goods, creates uplifting sense of fake. At the same time stroboscopic color flashes from the background of a disco ball projection recall jolly and hypnotic society zombifying techniques.

POP can be characterized by fascination with the consumer society and attraction to violations of the accepted lifestyle standards. These aspects are present in his previous projects, such as Shopping Poetry, Message to No One, Photographer Without a Camera.
POP can also be seen as a sequel to works like Forevers, Kinetic sculptures, Dupling Heaven, linked by irony towards the representation of the food products.

At first glance Ivars position resemble pointless teenage rebellion, or plain childish teasing.
At a closer examination, it arouses uncomfortable and quite mature issues.
Artist often acts as an agent provocateur, secretly cracking codes of antecedent behavior and paradigms of the environment he is forced to adapt to.
His ability to throw the audience into paradoxical convulsions between their expectations and reality is fascinating.

* in Czech “Akce” means both “sales campaign” and “action”.

Laura Elcere
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