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Photograms - workshop with kids, Riga 2013 - Ivars Gravlejs
November 8th, 2013
10:00 pm


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Photograms - workshop with kids, Riga 2013
 photo Scan_zps501e4dae.jpg

 photo Scan1_zps3da40dbd.jpg

 photo Scan32_zps60aada90.jpg

 photo Scan25_zps88da1326.jpg

 photo Scan27_zps14718008.jpg

 photo Scan22_zpsb65087a5.jpg

 photo Scan26_zps11071990.jpg

 photo Scan24_zpse5a49acc.jpg

 photo Scan21_zpsd12c2e35.jpg

 photo Scan23_zps407ca5fd.jpg

 photo Scan15_zps1b691aa1.jpg

 photo Scan20_zpsbfa6422f.jpg

 photo Scan12_zps25c05e44.jpg

 photo Scan11_zps72fec625.jpg

 photo Scan14_zps7d7697b5.jpg

 photo Scan34_zpsa8011225.jpg

 photo Scan7_zpseb590ff5.jpg

 photo Scan2_zpsdf6d7944.jpg

 photo Scan8_zps414a4826.jpg

 photo Scan3_zps05e2cc3c.jpg

 photo Scan6_zps174c0875.jpg

 photo Scan5_zps9b5820df.jpg

 photo Scan4_zps8ac9fab8.jpg

 photo Scan10_zps15c68373.jpg

 photo Scan9_zpsfd39a875.jpg

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